Direct Alpine celebrates 25 years


History of Direct Alpine

History of Direct Alpine

"In the beginning it was an illusion. We went to work and needed free time. We needed to climb, ride mountains. So, we thought, if we made a business, we would have more time. But then we roared into it.

With these words, Radek Nováček, co-founder of DIRECT ALPINE, introduces the video, in which he talks about the creation of our company. This year, it celebrates 25 successful years on the market.

It was founded by two partners Radek Nováček and Jirka Sika, enthusiastic climbers, who loved mountains, adrenaline and other outdoor activities such as paragliding, MTB or telemark.

They naively thought, that starting a company would give them space to be, where they enjoyed the most, in the mountains. They didn't want to go to work every day and join the millions of people, who get up in the morning and come home from work in the evening watching TV.

What will be carry over from climbing into the clothing

What will be carry over from climbing into the clothing

However, the reality was different. The work for the company completely absorbed them. They didn't get to the mountains as often as they would have liked. However, they began to transform their practical experience gained in the mountains into manufactured clothing, which at that time had not been seen on the market. From climbing, they knew well, how important it is to wear things that can withstand the most demanding conditions of nature. Clothing that not only ensures thermal comfort, but also protects against injury during winter ascents or ski mountaineering.

Anniversary Collection

What launched the DA’s career

What launched the DA’s career

  • The first product that successfully launched Direct's career was plaid trousers. These were created from the rest of purchased fabrics from Textilana. Another important goal was the SPORT PRAGUE exhibition in 1999. 

    Here, the first prototype of the DEVIL ALPINE hardshell jacket in black and white colour was presented. Her collar was decorated with the name SINOR-TEX on the inside. It was an abbreviation of the names of two companions of Sika Nováček. By the way, this jacket was sold until 2021.

  • Jindra „Hudy“ Hudeček

    The arrival of the legend of Czech sport climbing and climbing in the mountains, Jindra "Hudy" Hudeček, who at the time owned the largest network of outdoor stores in the Czech Republic, meant the significant development of Direct Alpine. Thanks to this connection, the company became known to more customers in the Czech Republic and was able to expand abroad. Quality outdoor clothing meeting the real needs of people for whom the mountains are their home began to win more and more hearts of mountain service professionals, rescuers or firefighters.

  • Mountain Guides

    The philosophy of the brand, based on the personal experience of the mountaineers-owners of the company, plays a big role in the development of the company today. We work with a number of leading athletes, top climbers and mountain guides who test our clothes in practice during their travels. Among them is Zdeněk Hák, known as "Háček" in the climbing community, who together with Mára Holeček received the prestigious PIOLETS D'OR Golden Ax award in 2018 for the first ascent of Gasherbrum I ("Satisfaction" route). They were the first Czechs in history to receive this award. And it didn't take long before they took another in 2020, for the first ascent of Chamlang.

  • Family company

    Throughout its existence, our company still maintains its family character. It's not a multinational company that spends millions on marketing. Our long-term strategy is quality handwork. We produce 95% in Europe and work with high-quality materials. That is why in our collection you will find outdoor clothing made of material developed by scientists in the USA for the needs of the US Army or current news, feather fabric. Thanks to this, our products even meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Why Europe?

    We have been sewing in Europe for more than 12 years. We have most of our partner companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The reason is not only the level of quality and the flexibility, with which we can respond to demanding customer requirements, but also the knowledge that our activities give work to our people and friends from under Tater.

  • Future

    And where is Direct Alpine headed for at least the next 25 years?
    Here is the vision of the company's managing director Jirky Doubrava: "We want to continue creating high-quality and functional outdoor clothing that meets all the requirements of professionals. We are increasingly aware of the need to create our clothes in such a way as to protect the environment as much as possible for future generations. That is why we include sustainable products such as Horn or Zero in our production. Last but not least, we want to offer the proven quality of professionals to people, who love mountains as much as we do, but do not aim to climb the highest mountains in the world. However, they can enjoy the same comfort and quality of clothing as the best, who conquer the highest mountains.

What you didn’t know about Direct Alpine:

What you didn’t know about Direct Alpine:


  1. 100% of our management are active athletes - climbers, runners, paragliders.
  2. The CEO of our company, Jirka, together with its founder, climbed the highest mountain in America in 2008 – Denali. Jirka still makes ascents both in faraway countries and in the nearby Tatras and Alps, during which he tests our clothing.
  3. We use branded materials from world-famous companies - Polartec, Pertex, Gelanots, Climashield, YKK.
  4. The very popular material in our Polartec Alpha collection was originally developed for the US military. Direct imports it from the USA.
  5. The preparation of one collection takes us two years, that is, we have to be clairvoyant in terms of colors and styles, which may be in two years.
  6. The brand was founded by two friends. Do you know who is called SINOR TEX?
  7. Cyclone – The lightest 3-layer hardshell jacket in the collection at around 200g.
  8. Zero – The lightest windbreaker in the collection at 100g.
  9. The oldest pants that we repaired for a customer were made 15 years ago. It was just a faulty zipper.
  10. MGG order was the largest scale special order in DA ever developed and produced.