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Winter without compromises or Introducing the Winter 2023 Collection

Winter, the queen of seasons, arrives with its cold gusts, snowflakes, and freezing air that wakes you up better than a cup of strong coffee. Are you truly prepared for its whims? Can you confidently say: “Come on, show me what you've got, I'm ready!”

The Winter 2023 Collection from DIRECT ALPINE adds a touch of style, even if you're not a hardcore adventurer scaling Everest every day. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy its outdoor clothing on the slopes or ski slopes, as well as during a stroll in the city

Winter 2023 Highlights

The heart of this collection features the new additions: NARVIK, COMET, COMET LADY, and DENALI LADY

The waterproof hardshell jackets COMET and COMET LADY, thanks to the perfect GELANOTS membrane from the Japanese manufacturer Toyota Tsusho, will keep you dry even when the weather is against you.


Men hardshell jacket COMET ang outdoor pants REBEL

For the outdoor jackets NARVIK and DENALI LADY, you'll appreciate not only the lightweight, elastic, and hydrophilic GELANOTS membrane but also the waterproof and highly breathable Primaloft® Gold Active insulation.

16930 16940

Women outdoor jacket DENALI LADY and outdoor pants CASCADE LADY.

In summary, with our products NARVIK, COMET, COMET LADY, and DENALI LADY, you have a technological marvel that will keep you dry, warm, and comfortable, regardless of how challenging your winter outdoor adventure is

Innovations in Trusted Pieces The Winter 2023

Collection also includes improvements to trusted pieces in your wardrobe. Based on the experiences of our ambassadors’ testing products in the toughest mountain conditions, we have enhanced not only their design but also their features and colors.

One example is the REBEL outdoor pants, known for their precise and comfortable cut, which underwent a complete design overhaul. We increased the waist collar to enhance their thermal comfort, incorporating graphene-infused material known for its antibacterial properties.

For lovers of natural materials, the FURRY merino wool shirts now feature attractive new prints, making you true icons of snowy landscapes. Styles like BOSCO, PEAK, ALPHA ACTIVE, DRAGON, GRID, and EIGER will captivate you with their new color combinations reflecting the latest trends.

Layering is Key

To tackle any winter weather surprises, layering is key with our collection.

Start with items that keep you dry and warm. From the Winter 2023 Collection, the men's and women's FURRY long merino shirts and the stretchy TONALE PANTS/TONALE PANTS LADY trousers perform this function excellently. This base layer will wick away sweat, keeping you dry even as you attempt to break your record for conquering slopes in a day.

The next layer is insulation. Here, you can play with thickness based on the outside temperature or the adrenaline-filled performance you have planned. You can choose the ALPHA JACKET or its women's variant, BORA LADY. Sometimes, simply adding the unique Thindown™ fabric insulated jacket, UNIQ, to the merino shirt Furry long is enough. It provides the right comfort during physical activity, keeping you warm without the feeling of sweating.

16942 16943

On the left is a sample of the Thindown™ feather material, which possesses the same thermal insulation properties as traditional feathers (on the right). However, during use, there is no feather settling to the bottom.. Picture of the feathers layer. On the left side material Thindown™, on right side clasic feathers

Now comes the most crucial part – the outer layer. The skiing pants EIGER/EIGER LADY are made from Pertex® Shield material, originating from Great Britain. Thanks to it, you'll enjoy skiing or snowboarding regardless of the weather conditions on the slope. The pants are characterized by a high level of waterproofing, wind resistance and breathability.

16944 16945

Ski pants EIGER LADY      Ski pants EIGER LADY and outdoor sweather AURA LADY 


But beware, it's not just about pants. To truly avoid being caught off guard by the weather, it's essential to think about the upper part of your clothing, such as the waterproof GUIDE/ GUIDE Lady jacket. These hardshell jackets stand out with a well-crafted cut, modern design, and technical details. Their lightweight three-layer membrane material provides excellent breathability, ensures perfect protection against water penetration, and allows for sufficient ventilation during any sports activity.

How the Winter 2023 Collection is Evaluated by Professionals

Our ambassadors also tested the Winter 2023 Collection. Professional climbers, mountain guides, and ski mountaineers tested the collection in challenging mountain conditions. The testing took place a year before the entire collection was introduced to the market, allowing us to adjust individual styles based on practical experiences of professionals to better meet the needs of outdoor sports and the necessary comfort.

One of our testers is Zdeněk Hák, a recipient of the prestigious Golden Ice Axe (Zlatý Cepín) PIOLETS D´OR award. He evaluated some styles of the Winter 2023 Collection as follows: "The new hardshell jacket DEAMON 'holds water.' You can be sure that even in the shower, you wouldn't be any drier."


16946    16947

Hardshell jacket DEAMON

Zdeněk recently returned from his challenging expedition in the Himalayas, where not only he but also his equipment faced extreme conditions. When we subsequently interviewed him, he couldn't praise enough the NARVIK outdoor jacket, which remarkably retains warmth even in brutally sub-zero temperatures.

Regarding the Winter 2023 Collection, Chief Designer Luděk Hostan has this to say:

"As the chief designer, I am pleased to contribute to the creation of outdoor clothing for DIRECT ALPINE. Each of our collections is like ascending a new peak, where we must prepare for variable conditions while remaining true to our philosophy - going straight to the top, directly to the goal without any deviations, twists, or compromises.

As an active climber and ski mountaineer, I know that every detail has its significance, whether it's the choice of color or the use of the latest materials that keep you dry even in a downpour.

When creating new styles, we don't just want to keep pace with the competition; we want to surpass it. We keep an eye on what's new on the scene, what colors are trending. We then blend all of this with our sense for the outdoors. We don't just combine colors by eye; we tune them so that they are not only trendy but also functional. Because you know how important it is to be seen when wandering through the mountains or running through the forests.

           16934 16933

Layering and Color Combinations Showcase of the Winter 2023 Collection

I have the best team - and I don't just mean on paper. Each of us lives for sports. I myself have experienced a lot, from snow-covered peaks to rainy trail runs, and I know what sportswear must endure. And when I say our employees are our ambassadors, I don't mean some fancy titles. They genuinely test the clothing. They put it to the test on rocks, cycling trails, and in the snow on slopes or cross-country skis. And then they come to me and say, 'This is great, but here it could use improvement.' Together, we bring it to perfection.

Summary of Key Points in the Collection

So, friends and winter enthusiasts, the Winter 2023 Collection from DIRECT ALPINE is a mix of the best you can have on you when the cold tries to pierce your clothing. Our materials (THINDOWN, Pertex® Shield, Gelanots, CLIMASHIELD) will keep you warm while providing the necessary freedom and comfort.

Colors this year won't leave anyone cold. It's a palette reminiscent of the winter sky shortly after sunset. Deep blues, mystical grays, and bursts of orange remind you that even in the darkest winter, there's a touch of warmth. Whether you're on the slope, on skis, or just enjoying the atmosphere of the city.

Our design is ready for anything. Every zip and pocket has its purpose. Every seam is like a fortress that withstands even the wildest snowstorm. Every detail makes sense.

It's time to prepare for winter. Don't wait until it catches you off guard. Gear up now, then you can just watch as others fumble, while you enjoy the comfort of DIRECT ALPINE's winter outdoor clothing. Or you can kindly advise them on what and where to choose well, with DIRECT ALPINE.

Everything you need can be found on the website  everyone can choose their favorites.