New collection of Outdoor clothing Winter 2023


Development of w23

Development of w23

The spirit of the Outdoors runs through our veins. A yearning for adventure and a path straight to the peak are encoded into our DNA. Our dreams and ideas breathe life into the Czech Republic – in a little company in Liberec. It´s here that, from the technical drawings and designs, highly functional jackets, pants, T-shirts and gloves are developed and refined down to the last detail. We work with only the latest materials and, in collaboration with the Technical University in Liberec, we carry out rigorous tests on them using top-of-the-range instruments. Not only do members of the Czech mountain rescue services rely on our clothing but also mountain guides in the Himalayas, and here no mistake is forgiven. We devote the same care in preparing clothing for all those who love nature and outdoor activities. 

Tested in all weather conditions

Tested in all weather conditions

Each year we launch our new summer and winter collections. In the Mountain Top Series you can find our flagship products such as our GUIDE hardshell jackets made from Japanese, triple-layer Gelanots. We also make hard and softshell pants and membrane gloves. We can dress you for the severest climatic conditions. In this category we also offer highly functional clothing for alpine skiing, high-mountain hiking or even ice climbing. Our outdoor collection is also ideal for all enthusiasts of trekking, country life and bushcraft. We´ve created a wholly independent chapter based on the kind of products on which DIRECT ALPINE was founded, namely our Climbing Series. Here we offer tailor-made products for all lovers of sports climbing and bouldering.

Presentation of new products from the winter 2023 collection

Presentation of new products from the winter 2023 collection


    A membrane jacket made from a Japanese material, Gelanots, thanks to which it achieves revolutionary values in breathability while retaining wonderful mechanical durability. The athletic cut combined with the developed hood construction makes this the ideal jacket for real alpine adventures.

  • DEAMON Pants

    Very durable and comfortable hardshell pants, ideal for expeditions, alpine skiing, mountaineering, VHT, hiking or downhill skiing. The material, Gelanots, guarantees maximum protection against wind and water while, at the same time, offering high breathability and wonderful lightness. The technical, close-fitting, anatomical cut allows unrestricted movement and fits perfectly. 


    Lightness, functionality, and packability. These are the features which have long characterised this flagship of our brand. The unmistakable hardshell GUIDE jacket - the buddy you can depend on in all weathers.

  • MIDI

    Very light, waterproof reserve pants which pack easily into the zipped pocket. Made from a high-quality, triple-layer laminate which is durable and long-lasting. Thanks to increased stretchability these are a very comfortable all-year-round model.


    Functional pants with a highly technical cut. Thanks to their hybrid construction which makes use of modern materials, a wonderful cut and ingenious technical details, these are a universal solution for all winter sports. From skiing, one-day alpine skiing or backcountry skiing trips to winter mountaineering activities, at all levels and without limit. 


    A tailored, technically developed insulated jacket with a membrane material as the outer layer. We have combined the highly breathable insulation of Primaloft® Gold Active inside the jacket with a light membrane material, Gelanots. This combination creates a jacket that won´t disappoint even in the most inclement weather during your winter activities. 

  • UNIQ

    A second generation of this top-quality insulated jacket in a modern design. Produced from a revolutionary material  Thindown™ which can achieve comparable heat resistance as synthetic fillings but at only half the thickness. 

  • PEAK

    An insulation layer for true mountaineers and sportsmen made from a revolutionary material, Thindown™. Do you want to save weight and know exactly where your body needs warmth and where, on the other hand, you need freedom of movement? This product is constructed with regard to your temperature requirements during quick ascents in mountain areas. 

  • ALPHA Jacket

    A breathable, wind-resistant jacket which will protect you in the most inclement climatic conditions and minimise the loss of body heat. A clear choice for mountaineering, alpine skiing as well as for leisurely outings. 

  • ALPHA Active

    This highly functional jacket is a must for all enthusiasts of active movement. Particularly appreciated by alpine skiers, cross-country skiers and high mountain hikers. This highly technical, hybrid model relies on the concept of protecting and insulating the central part of the body with a light material, Pertex Air, along with the extremely breathable insulation, Polartec Alpha. 

  • ALPHA Vest

    The light, packable, warm Alpha vest in a reworked version.  The outer material is Pertex Quantum Air with added side panels from Technostrech® Grid fleece, which increases its stretchability and comfort during sports activities while at the same time giving a high level of breathability. 


    The legendary Dru jacket, now from a new light material, is back in our collection. Perfect wind protection while having high breathability. You´ll appreciate this during any kind of aerobic outdoor activity. 


    Mistral is an excellent example of the perfect cut and a ingenious combination of functional materials. This jacket is mainly intended for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a universal jacket for the widest range of demanding outdoor activities. 


    Second generation, functional pants with a highly technical cut, specially developed for alpine skiing and backcountry. Technical details, choice of materials - everything driven by the demands you place on your equipment for winter sports. 

  • COULOIR Plus

    Top layer softshell pants suitable for colder windy conditions. Primarily intended for winter movement in the mountains, particularly skiing and alpine skiing. Thanks to the arrangement of parts with different directions of stretchability, these pants fit wonderfully and allow for a high degree of movement. 


    Our best-seller reworked in a new, modern design. Comfortable, developed, all-year-round pants for the widest selection of outdoor activities. Truly universal pants, great for trekking, mountaineering, skiing and hiking. 

  • CASCADE Plus

    Very comfortable, well designed, universal,  all-year-round pants, great for trekking, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, cycling or even for everyday wear. A long-standing favorite model, particularly due to their wonderful combination of functional materials and well-developed cut.  

  • LOGAN Alpha

    Insulated alpine ski pants with wonderful POLARTEC® Alpha  insulation. A special combination of chosen materials to give an optimal ratio of warmth and comfort to low weight. The ideal accessory for alpine skiing tours, freeride or downhill skiing.

  • GRID

    Mens insulated jacket for increased warmth and comfort for all-year-round use for all outdoor sports activities. A close-fitting, anatomical cut together with an elasticated material to give unrestricted movement. Thanks to the use of materials with a significant proportion of recycled polyester this is also a very ecological model.


    The Dragon technical insulated jacket with hood is produced from a very light (145 g/m2) technical material called Technostretch® Grid Fleece. Its inner structure is created from individually placed, shaped plastic squares. Thanks to this, a layer of circulating air is maintained between your body and the material, ensuring a pleasant working temperature as well as removing excess body moisture. 

  • DRAGON Pullover

    The Dragon Pullover is an insulation layer intended for mountaineering and sports activities. We´ve managed to combine a very light, breathable, stretch material, Technostrech® Grid Fleece with another material, Polartec® Alpha, which excels in perfectly maintaining body temperature at a pleasant, comfortable level while wicking away excess moisture from the body. 

  • ALPHA T-shirt

    A functional T-shirt for winter conditions with made from a proven material, Polartec® Alpha. This material excels in its natural ability to work with the thermoregulation of your body in maintaining great comfort against your bare skin. In the areas that need greater removal of humidity the T-shirt is supplemented with a very breathable synthetic material with graphite which provides a long-lasting antibacterial effect.

  • FURRY Long

    A functional T-shirt made from a very light, 100% merino knit. This is a natural material that is pleasant to the touch, supports the natural microclimate of the skin and ensures removal of sweat from the body.


    This 100% choice merino wool material supports a natural microclimate next to the skin and ensures the removal of sweat away from the body. An ideal material for a functional T-shirt in a new sporting style.


Outdoor Series Winter 2023

Outdoor Series Winter 2023


    A water-proof outer jacket for a wide spectrum of (not only) sports customers. It has a very well-developed cut, a modern design and technical details. The light triple-layer membrane material with excellent breathability, guarantees perfect protection against the ingress of water and give sufficient ventilation during sports activities. 

  • <

    A hardshell jacket made from a light, triple-layer material with wonderful protection against water seeping in and sufficient removal of water vapour. Derived from our most successful model, the Guide jacket.


    A very warm and, at the same time, light insulation sports and leisuretime jacket which uses the 100 % recycled insulation material,  Climashield APEX. For the inner layer we´ve used the tried-and-trusted material, Pertex Quantum Air. The lining is made from recycled material. In all, we´ve managed to create an outstanding ecological and functional product. We´ve tested this jacket successfully at altitudes over 6 000 m above sea level. 


    Technical pants, thought-out to the last detail. On warm days this new addition offers you a foursome of zips for airing your legs from hip to ankle. The stretch material, reinforced in the rear and knees for greater durability, guarantees universal use in trekking events. 


    Popular pants for all-year-round use, in a modern design. Ideal for trekking, mountaineering, hiking and all outdoor activities. Tried and tested over years, the anatomical cut ensures comfort for every user. 


    This representative of our legendary Mountainer outdoor pants in a technical version perfectly satisfies all fans of the original model. This is derived from the very popular classical concept of stiffened knees and rear seat. In this case it has been supplemented with a light, functional material, ensuring higher wearer comfort.

  • PATROL Tech

    A more technical and multifunctional version of our long-standing favorite Patrol pants. Their developed cut and the strategic positioning of individual sections of light stretch material in the directions of movement, offers wonderful wearer comfort.


    Practical, strong and durable pants for the widest use, ECOLOGICALLY produced. These have long been one of our best-selling pants and the highest rated among our customers. Great comfort, long user-life and great functionality for such a price. Pants that will serve you for years.

  • TONALE Pants

    Wonderful pants for increased warmth and comfort in the cold winter months. Great as base layer elasticated pants or as a second layer.


    A sports jacket in an attractive design with asymmetrical arrangement, intended particularly as a second layer for increased warmth and comfort. Also suitable for regular wear.


    A shirt for cold days. A classic design with a tailored fit and trendy details.  


    A light cotton T-shirt in a classic loose cut in attractive colors, printed with an outdoor motif emphasizing each customer´s image. Made from a quality, airy, cotton knit with attractive streaking. The ideal T-shirt for sports, hiking or even everyday casual wear.

Climbing series Winter 2023

Climbing series Winter 2023

  • Sweatshirt HOODIE TECH

    Functional leisure hoodie with a large front pocket, designed for everyday wear but also serves as a second functional layer. Tastefully complemented with stylish, high, anatomically-shaped collar. 



  • Pants CAMPUS 3/4

    Three-quarter length climbing pants in a modern, asymmetrical design, based on the original Campus model. You´ll also love them for everyday casual wear.

  • Shorts CAMPUS Short

    These climbing shorts complete the Campus family. The precise cut with crotch insert, together with the use of a comfortable, light, elastic material and a wide elasticated waistband, provides maximum comfort particularly during climbing and bouldering.

  • Shorts SOLO

    Climbers shorts for maximum comfort. Thanks to their light and elastic materials, great fitting cut and elasticated waist they won´t obstruct under a seat harness.


    A very pleasant T-shirt in a modern close-fitting style with climbing motif on the chest. A quality knit using a Lycra mix. Great for climbing and for everyday wear.

Ladies series Winter 2023

Ladies series Winter 2023

  • Jacket GUIDE Lady

    Protective Hardshell from the Japanese material, Gelanots in an attractive design for the most severe conditions. This technical, functionally-developed protective top-layer jacket is the clear choice for every active woman heading for the mountains. 

  • Pants MIDI Lady

    We´ve listened to the wishes of many of our customers and we now present these new light, waterproof pants, wonderfully packable, derived from the highly successful mens´ Midi model. 

  • EIGER Lady

    Ladies functional pants with a highly technical cut. Thanks to the use of a  comfortable, elastic hardshell material, Pertex® Shield, which has been specially developed for fast and aerobic activities, these pants provide a universal solution  for all winter sports. 

  • CYCLONE Lady

    The ultra-light reserve jacket, Cyclone Lady, is the essential companion for mountain adventures in the realm of ´fast and light´. With a weight of less than 180 g, easily packable into the hood and easily secured to your arm with an elasticated band, this is intended for running in inclement weather, high mountain hiking, cycle trips and alpine skiing. 

  • UNIQ Lady

    A top quality ladies insulated jacket which can be used with the Guide Lady model to create an uncompromising outfit for all mountain activities. Lightness is provided by Pertex Quantum Air and warmth and comfort by Thindown™. This can achieve the same heat resistance as synthetic filling at only half the thickness. 

  • BORA Lady

    A new design derived from our successful earlier model. Bora Lady is great as a classic top layer but, above all, as an insulation layer, suitable for various outdoor physical activities. Side stretch panels ensure sufficient freedom of movement. 

  • BRENTA Lady

    The anatomically developed cut, stretchability, high breathability and wind-resistance of the materials used makes the Brenta Lady the ideal jacket for maximum comfort in all outdoor activities. Fully-unzippable jacket with reflective elements ensuring better visibility on roads.

  • SAKURA Tech Lady

    A ladies sports jacket for increased warmth and comfort produced from a soft, functional, extremely stretchy material made by Polartec. This jacket is suitable either as a second layer or as an outer layer of lighter insulation in spring and fall, for all outdoor and sports activities.


  • BORA Vest Lady

    The light, warm Bora Vest Lady is a reworked version. It´s intended as an insulation layer, providing warmth from the use of Polartec Alpha, with outer protection from the renown material, Pertex Quantum Air. Side stretch panels provide enough freedom of movement. 

  • AURA Lady

    Ladies pullover, suitable as a first or second layer. The combination of top quality materials, Polartec Alpha and  Technostretch® Grid Fleece, offers maximum warmth and comfortable movement.

  • AURA Light Lady

    A light jacket from a technical material, Technostretch® Grid Fleece (145 g/m2).  Its inner structure is created from individually placed, shaped plastic squares which guarantee high breathability during aerobic activities. The extended sleeves have thumb loops to give increased protection to the back of the hand.

  • COULOIR Plus Lady

    Top-layer softshell pants, suitable for colder, windier conditions, primarily intended for winter exercise in the mountains, particularly alpine skiing. The anatomical cut is derived from the natural shape of the female body and copies its movements during sport.

  • REBEL Lady

    Derived from the men´s version and intended mainly for alpine skiing expeditions, ice climbing and mixed climbing but also recreational cross-country skiing and trekking. These pants ´sit´ wonderfully and provide maximum comfort.

  • CASCADE Lady

    Truly universal pants, wonderfully usable for trekking, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, cycling or even everyday wear. A long-time favourite model.


    This skirt is designed to go with Bora Lady as a complete outfit. Thanks to its clean lines and simplicity though, it can be matched with other products. A new feature is the magnetic side zip which enables the skirt to be easily worn over pants in demanding terrain and, at the same time, serves as a side-slit for freer movement. 


    Insulated sports skirt from the ecological insulation fabric Primaloft® Gold Active to ensure warmth and comfort. An anatomical cut, minimal weight, pleasant softness, flowing lines and wonderful packability.


    An insulated skirt, from the wonderful recycled, very ecological material, PrimaLoft® Gold Active.  A simple but well-designed cut, low weight, soft and very packable. Great for most winter activities such as skiing, outdoor, hiking, or even for everyday wear.

  • BOKI Lady

    Universal, functional and extremely comfortable, ladies pants for highly aerobic activities. They are intended for all enthusiasts of fast & light style.


    This new water-proof outer jacket excels with its well-developed looser cut, modern design and technical details. Its light triple-layer membrane material with outstanding breathability ensures perfect protection against the ingress of water and sufficient ventilation for sports activities. 


    A new addition to our collection. A light insulated jacket with wonderful warmth and comfort. Thanks to the developed design and construction it´s suitable not only for winter sports such as resort skiing, but also to town.

  • FURRY Long Lady

    100% select merino wool, supporting the natural microclimate of the skin and guaranteeing the wicking away of sweat from the body. The idealí material for a functional T-shirt.. 

  • FURRY Lady

    A functional T-shirt from a very light, high-quality 100% merino knit that won´t irritate. 

  • TALUNG Lady

    A ladies’ version of our highly acclaimed Talung hardshell hiking jacket. A practical waterproof jacket for medium difficulty activities.

  • CLERET Lady

    A  cool leisuretime coat,  whether your exploring the urban jungle in temperatures around zero or doing active sports at -10°C. Your warmth and comfort will be taken care of by this revolutionary insulation material, Thindown™ made from duck feathers.

  • ETNA Lady

    A sports jacket intended mainly as a second layer for better warmth and comfort for all-year-round use.  This soft, remarkably stretchy material, Technostrech, together with an anatomical cut, along with its asymmetrical arrangement gives unlimited movement and guarantees wearer comfort in all your sports activities. 


    A leisuretime hoodie in a functional material, Tecnopile, can be worn into town or for outdoor activities. Thanks to the inner block structure, which helps to remove humidity from the body, you will feel comfortable even during the most demanding activities.

  • BADILE Lady

    This has long been one of our best-selling DIRECT ALPINE technical garments. Tried and tested, and a great favorite. Our customers refer to them as their ´second skin´. Ideal for trekking, mountaineering, hiking and all other outdoor activities.

  • TONALE Pants Lady

    Ladies leggings for increased warmth and comfort. Suitable as a first or second layer. Soft, remarkably stretchy material Tecnostretch™ and an anatomical cut to give unrestricted movement. 

  • SONORA Lady

    A very pleasant T-shirt in a fashionable, close-fitting cut with an attractive motif. A quality knit that uses a Lycra mix.  Great for both climbing and everyday wear.