New Collection of outdoor clothing Summer 22


Tested in all weather conditions

Tested in all weather conditions

All the flaws are fixed", report the members of the DIRECT ALPINE Test Team. The new summer collection 2022 can now head to you, our customers. And we say this with a clear consciousness, because as it iss our good habit, DIRECT ALPINE products have been given another hard time before the launch! So you can set off on your new adventures without fear. And if a sharp rock should happen to get in your way, there's our 100% warranty and after-sales service.

So have a great day and see you in the mountains!


About collection Summer 22

About collection Summer 22

Climbing, trips to the countryside, cycling, bushcraft, these are activities that we enjoy and at the same time inspire us to develop new products. This is reflected in the clothing from the new collection. For demanding activities in mountainous conditions, for expeditionary deployments and other extreme events, the Mountain Top Series technical models are designed. When developing this clothing, we put emphasis on maximum efficiency, movement comfort and protection of the wearer. For the wider outdoor segment we develop products of the Outdoor Series. These are reliable models for everyday outdoor activities. Thanks to quality materials and careful workmanship, they can be deployed even in harsh conditions. Rock climbers and artificial walls, boulderers, slackliners and all other outdoor enthusiasts are targeted by the Climbing Series. We also cater to the wishes of our female customers, and this is reflected in the new Ladies Series. We offer both purely functional mountain models and models designed for hiking, active leisure and comfortable urban use.

Presentation of new products from the summer 2022 collection

Presentation of new products from the summer 2022 collection

  • Jacket DEAMON

    The men’s versatile jacket that won’t let you down on a demanding mountain ascent and at the same time you’ll appreciate its low weight on a trek or a day ski tour. When developing this product, we focused primarily on lightness and functionality in every detail. The new athletic cut combined with a well-designed hood construction makes this jacket ideal for real alpine adventures. The jacket offers an excellent balance between weight and durability of the material.

  • Jacket GUIDE

    Inovation cut, material
    The pinnacle of protection for the most demanding use, now in an even ‘lighter version.’ The Guide jacket is an ideal choice for mountaineering and ski touring. The jacket excels at minimal weight while still having the durability of a classic hardshell. The combination of advanced lightweight materials and minimal weight, precise, anatomical cut, a range of technical details, plus the use of modern technologies make this the ideal reserve jacket that will never let you down.

  • Ultralight jacket CYCLONE

    New color
    The ultralight Cyclone Reserve Jacket is an essential companion for light and fast mountain adventures. It is designed especially for mountain hiking, via ferrata, trail running, cycling, and ski touring. Thanks to its top-notch material Gelanots, it’s both wind- and water-proof and also highly breathable. Its well-designed cut provides unrestricted movement. Weighing less than 180 g, it's ideal for any mountain climb, hike, trip,trek, or any other outdoor activity.

  • Ultralight pants CYCLONE Pants

    The Cyclone Ultralight Reserve Pants along with the jacket of the same name are an essential addition to your backpack on mountain adventures when travelling light. Designed primarily as a backup solution wherever you are at risk of unpredictable weather. They can be used for alpine hikes, trail-running, ski mountaineering, but they are also suitable for via ferrata, cycling, etc. The top quality Gelanots material protects against wind and rain, and the waterproof material is also extremely breathable.

  • Insulated jacket ALPHA ACTIVE

    Men’s insulated jacket designed to handle active movement. A favourite of alpine skiers, rock and multi-pitch climbers, via ferrata lovers, as well as classic alpine hikers. The high-tech hybrid model offers protection and insulation of the body's core with a light Pertex Air material and the extremely breathable Polartec Alpha insulation. In the back and on the sleeves, the jacket is complemented by a modern, light and stretch material, which guarantees maximum freedom of movement while maintaining good wind resistance.

  • Softshell jacket DRU Light

    New color
    The legendary lightweight Dru Softshell Jacket is now made of a new lightweight and recycled material and has made a comeback as the Dru Light. The anatomically designed cut and stretch material used guarantees the maximum comfort during any outdoor activity. The very light, functional and abrasion-resistant material provides perfect protection against wind and is very breathable. The jacket is an ideal choice not only for climbers and mountain skiers, but also for other outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Jacket DRAGON

    New color
    The technical, insulated men’s Dragon Hoodie is intended for enthusiastic athletes and those seeking maximum performance. It is made of super-light (145g/m2) technical material Technostretch® Grid Fleece. Its inner structure is waffled, allowing air to circulate in the spaces between the body and the material, which ensures a pleasant operating temperature and excellent ventilation.

  • Softshell pants CASCADE TOP

    The updated bestseller Direct Alpine Cascade Top. Universal softshell, year-round pants, great for ski touring, climbing, via ferrata, trekking and hiking. A long-time favourite, especially due to the excellent combination of functional materials and well-designed, comfortable cut. Thanks to the combed knit of bottom (inner) side of the basic sewn parts they are a perfect choice all year round.

  • Softshell pants CASCADE Plus

    New color
    Very comfortable, well-designed, 4-season softshell Cascade Plus Pants for the widest range of outdoor activities. Suitable for ski touring, via ferrata, trekking, all kinds of climbing, and also for classic hiking. A very popular long-time model, especially for a great and useful combination of functional materials and a well-tailored, comfortable fit. The most successful pants from our collection wear. Mountain guide pants – DIRECT ALPINE CASCADE PLUS.

  • Light CASCADE Light

    New color
    A lighter version of our most successful functional Cascade Plus pants. A clear choice for ski touring, climbing, trekking, hiking, and most outdoor activities. The anatomically precise cut gives perfect, unrestricted movement and provides exceptional comfort.

  • Pants CRUISE

    New color
    The updated, time-proven pants offering a perfect cut and attractive design meeting a highly functional material. Technical cut for universal use (outdoor, trekking, climbing, hiking, cycling, urban wear). Top quality material (elastic Cordura + Aerocool) with excellent abrasion resistance, low weight, and high breathability. Final quick-dry treatment and DWR as basic protection against light rain.

  • Shorts CRUISE Short

    New color
    Technical men's shorts for universal use based on the Cruise pants. They offer a light, breathable, but very durable material in an anatomically shaped cut. Ideal for use in the summer mountains for trekking, climbing, and via ferrata.

  • Climbing pants ASCENT Light

    Form-fitting climbing pants of a simpler technical cut in a very light package. These pants are fast and light for when you’re counting every gram. Lightweight, functional, yet durable material with high breathability. Comfortable cut that does not restrict movement, ideal for mountain and sports climbing, via ferrata, and fast trekking. And really, you’ll soon want to wear these pants for any outdoor activity.

  • Climbing pants 3/4 ASCENT Light

    Well-designed lightweight men’s ¾ length pants, simple technical cut, designed for rock climbing and bouldering. By combining a light, functional, highly breathable material and a technical cut based on the Ascent pants, we crafted a versatile product designed for all sports activities. The comfortable cut allowing multidirectional, unrestricted movement is ideal for mountain and sports climbing, via ferrata and fast trekking.

  • Merino t-shirt FURRY

    New color
    A 4-season men’s thermal T-shirt made of an ultralight, 100% merino knit in a new design. The updated sports cut together with quality material ensures comfort for everything from the casual everyday to demanding mountain hikes. This natural material, which is very soft to the touch, supports the natural microclimate of the skin, and promotes wicking of sweat from the body. The ideal thermal T-shirt for all outdoor and mountain activities, including long mountain climbs.

Outdoor Series Summer 2022

Outdoor Series Summer 2022

  • Waterproof jacket TALUNG

    New color
    The super practical waterproof jacket for most classic outdoor activities is based on our most successful model – the GUIDE hardshell jacket. This is an ideal reserve jacket in a simpler version, while maintaining a very well-designed cut. It’s made of a lightweight three-layer material providing excellent protection against water penetration and breathability. The anatomically shaped sleeves have easy-to-adjust zipper vents in the back section.

  • Technical jacket Fremont

    New color
    A technical jacket that guarantees a comfortable feel thanks to a perfect combination of synthetic and cotton fibres used in the main part of the product. Excellent wicking during increased physical activity, and at the same time, the cotton material used on the shoulders and sleeves provides extra reinforcement. Great for hiking, outdoor activities, via ferrata, and casual everyday wear during warmer months.

  • Technical pants FRASER

    New color
    Technical pants carefully thought out to the smallest detail. On warm days, they have four zippers for effective ventilation of your legs, from hip to ankle. The stretch material with reinforcement on the back and knees for greater durability, guarantees versatility on all your trekking adventures. Two large pockets and two smaller ones on the legs can hold all the gear that you might need to take with you on your trips outside. The inner sides of the pant legs are reinforced with an abrasion-resistant material to protect against hiking boots chafe.

  • Sweatshirt MALLET

    The Mallet sports jacket is designed as a second layer to increase thermal comfort. The soft and stretchy material, complemented by an internal waffle structure that helps to wick moisture from the body during sports activities. The close-fitting, anatomically accurate cut allows unrestricted movement. The jacket is suitable for all-year-round use. It does not only work for casual wear, but also and especially for hiking and more demanding activities in the mountains.

  • Pants RANGER

    New color
    The innovative Ranger outdoor pants make every travel or hiking lover delighted. We used recycled material when manufacturing these pants, helping reduce our footprint. A hybrid combination of stronger, more durable material and lighter, more breathable material makes it the perfect model for travel as well as just hanging out. The fine-tuned cut fits perfectly and the attractive cargo design is eye-catching.

  • Outdoor pants MOUNTAINER Tech

    Pants replacing the legendary Mountainer outdoor model, now in a technical design. It is based on a highly demanded classic concept of reinforced knees and rear section with the addition of natural materials, which guarantees better comfort and weight savings. Ideal pants for hiking, via ferrata, mountaineering, and also for casual wear. Great ratio of comfort, long life and value.

  • Trekking pants PATROL Tech

    We’ve expanded the range of our long-standing favourite PATROL outdoor pants with a more technical and indeed multifunctional version. A well-designed cut with strategically positioned sections made of directional lightweight stretch material making it very comfortable. A reinforced material on the knees and back part provides increased abrasion resistance. The inside bottom edge of the pants is reinforced with a panel made of abrasion-resistant fabric.

  • Pants PATROL

    Practical, sturdy, and durable pants for the widest range of use in ECO design. Long-time best-seller and top-rated pants by our customers. Solid, very durable, and comfortable, complete with technical accessories. The stretch material used ensures comfortable wear. Ideal pants for the widest array of outdoor activities and casual wear. Great balance between comfort, long life, and value.

  • Pants MORDOR

    Very comfortable and durable outdoor pants. The proven hybrid design combines a basic, pleasantly light stretch material with knee reinforcements made of highly abrasion-resistant elastic Cordura. The perfect high-tech cut with a gusseted crotch just fits and allows unrestricted movement. The pants are a great choice for active hikers and climbers who are looking for a balance between comfort and durability.

  • Shorts MORDOR Short

    Comfortable shorts for everyday wear. This model is based on the successful Mordor pants, and made of highly comfortable stretch blend material that is light and breathable enough to guarantee great comfort in all outdoor activities during the warmer months.

  • Pants VULCAN

    New color
    Versatile outdoor pants with numerous pockets and, thanks to the use of new recycled material in the main material, more eco-friendly. Due to just the right combination of light, stretch and highly breathable materials, the pants fit perfectly and are excellent for use in summer months. The zipper at the bottom of the pants allows them to be taken up to three-quarter length. The versatile Vulcan is great for hiking, traveling, Nordic walking, and of course, everyday casual wear.

  • Shorts VULCAN Short

    New color
    Men's shorts for enthusiastic hikers and travellers. Vulcans combine functionality and, thanks to the new recycled material, a lower footprint. The stretch materials used ensure unrestricted movement, wick sweat away from the body, and dry quickly. The shorts have many pockets secured with zippers for greater safety of carried items. The shorts are very practical, which you’ll appreciate every day during hot weather.

  • Pants BEAM

    We now offer very popular comfortable and lightweight travel pants in ECO design from recycled material. Due to the ability to unzip the legs to form shorts, with optional unzipping of leg bottoms on the side, they are a clear choice for your travel and outdoor adventures. Very pleasant stretch, and today also recycled material with a Quick Drying treatment. A great solution for travelling, hiking, Nordic walking, or just as comfortable casual pants for everyday wear.

  • Pants ZION

    Summer pants made of 100% linen fabric are an ideal choice for hot summer days. Linen is an amazing material that has a cooling effect, so you can use these pants for trips to outdoors, trekking, and casual everyday wear during the summer. The synthetic elastic material used in the waistband and the back yoke as well as the comfortable fit increase a wearing comfort.

  • Shirt KENOSHA

    An attractive thermal short-sleeve shirt. The perfect fit along with modern design make it a must-have in your wardrobe. Ultralight, exceptionally comfortable, quick-drying material ensures great comfort even on hot summer days. The shirt is therefore ideal for everyday wear in the city, as well as for travel and any other leisure-time or light sports activities.

Climbing series Summer 2022

Climbing series Summer 2022

  • Jacket JASPER

    A clear choice for every climber and boulderer! A stylish jacket to make cold days in the countryside more pleasant, for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. A light, soft knit from a leading producer, Polartec-Thermal Pro.

  • Sweatshirt HOODIE

    The casual hoodie is designed for all the outdoor laid-back. Its simple design is tastefully complemented by design accessories. The heavier-weight cotton material is pleasant to the touch and guarantees both a high wearing comfort, thermal insulation, and is plenty tough. The more casual, looser fit in combination with a stretchable material guarantees the maximum unrestricted movement during sports climbing, bouldering, or slackline.

  • T-shirt FLASH

    A very pleasant T-shirt in a modern close-fitting cut with an attractive climbing motif on the chest.Made from a quality Lycra mix knit. Great for climbing and for everyday wear.

Ladies series Summer 2022

Ladies series Summer 2022

  • GUIDE Lady

    New color
    The top-notch women’s technical GUIDE LADY jacket is a clear choice for every active woman. It’s a perfect pick whether for a hike in the mountains, ski touring, or a difficult trek. Major benefits of this sports jacket include low weight and excellent packability, while still highly durable and protection of the three-layer hardshell. Excellent membrane parameters and taped seams ensure the waterproof ability and make it a top-quality mountain jacket even in extreme conditions for those who want to stay cool.

  • MIDI Lady

    Lightweight and waterproof easy-to-pack women’s hardshell pants inspired by the highly successful Midi model. Their wonderful stretchability and precise cut make it a very comfortable model for a wide range of year-round activities. The side zippers, asymmetrically moved toward the back, allow you to vent your pants without having to take off your shoes. Ideal reserve waterproof pants for alpine hiking, mountaineering, ski touring, and any other outdoor activity.

  • Ultralight jacket CYCLONE Lady

    The ultra-light Cyclone Lady reserve jacket is an essential companion for light and fast mountain adventures. Weighing less than 180g, the jacket stuffs easily into the hood and can be easily held in hand for quick access using the specially designed elastic band for running in bad weather, alpine hiking, trail-running, cycling trips, and also for ski touring. Thanks to the advanced material Gelanots, it’s wind- and rainproof and super breathable.

  • Technical pantsREBEL Lady

    Women’s technical pants developed for ski touring expeditions, ice and mixed climbing, as well as recreational cross-country skiing and hiking treks. The anatomical cut mimics the natural shape of a woman’s body, moving effortlessly with you. The pants fit perfectly and provide maximum comfort. The elastic waistband guarantees a very comfortable wear. Pockets and vents are positioned so that you can reach into them even during a difficult climb while wearing a harness.

  • CASCADE Lady

    Softshell four-season women’s pants for the great range of outdoor activities with thermal insulation and a quick-dry treatment. Functional durable pants perfect for trekking, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, cycling and everyday casual wear. A long-time favourite due to a thoughtful and functional combination of materials and an anatomically design that’s quite comfortable. Thanks to the combed knit of bottom (inside) side of the basic parts, they can be worn all year round.

  • Pants CRUISE Lady

    Lightweight, technical three-season pants for varied outdoor use (trekking, climbing, hiking, cycling, and urban wear). The precise and comfortable cut fits perfectly and is form fitting. Exceptional material (elastic Cordura) of high flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance, and low weight, enriched with a quick-drying finish and repellent, as a basic water-proof layer against light rain will make these must-haves for your backpack.

  • CRUISE Short Lady

    New color
    Lightweight, versatile technical women’s shorts with a chic design. Cruise are designed for movement are made of light, breathable and yet very durable material. Together with a well-fitting cut, these shorts are predestined for wandering in the summer mountains, trekking, climbing, via ferrata, and also for everyday wear for all activities.

  • Softshell jacket BRENTA Lady

    The ultralight Brenta Sofshell jacket made of breathable and recycled material is designed for a wide range of sports activities in the mountains or the valleys. The anatomically designed cut and stretch material guarantee maximum comfort during all outdoor activities for the user. Thanks to its breathability and lightweight material on sides, this “windbreaker” breathes very well. You will appreciate it for aerobic sports activities, especially for climbing and in the mountains, but also for cycling, in-line skating, and running.

  • Merino t-shirt FURRY Lady

    New color
    A women’s functional sports T-shirt made of very light, natural 100% merino wool. The perfect-fitting sports cut together with the soft material guarantees comfort during everyday wear as well as strenuous mountain hikes. The wool, very soft to the touch, supports the skin’s natural microclimate and ensures that sweat is wicked away from the body. The ideal T-shirt for strenuous mountain ascents, performing well across changing weather conditions.

  • Waterproof jacket TALUNG Lady

    New color
    Women's version of the very successful Talung hiking hardshell jacket. This practical, waterproof jacket has a simpler design but with a sophisticated cut for perfect comfort. You can count on amazing comfort and a high level of protection against the elements. The cut of the jacket is intentionally extended for higher protection. It is therefore an ideal jacket for hiking, moderately demanding activities in the mountains, but also for everyday casual wear.

  • Vest SPIKE Lady

    New color
    Lightweight and easily packable women’s Spike Lady vest is your perfect and reliable bodyguard. The time-proven, four-way stretch Swing Cool material reliably protects your core against the wind while keeping you dry due to high breathability. Ideal for aerobic sports and lighter activities such as running, fitness in nature and the city, cycling, in-line skating, hiking, climbing, ski touring, and cross-country skiing.

  • Jacket ETNA Lady

    Women’s sports jacket designed primarily as a second layer of thermal comfort for year-round wear. The cut and material allow unrestricted movement and guarantees comfortable wear during any sports activity you can get into. The side sections are turned upside down and give the product an unusual look. The collar pleasantly surrounds the neck and protects it from bad weather. Long sleeves finished with an elastic hem allow the sleeve to be pulled over the back of the hand.

  • Travel pants BEAM Lady

    Comfortable, lightweight women’s travel pants now in ECO design from recycled material. The legs can be unzipped to make shorts, making them a clear choice for your adventure. The side zippers allow you to open the bottom part of the pants so you can attach or remove on the side and without taking off your shoes. Simple, form-fitting, with technical lines and attractive design. A great solution for travel, hiking, Nordic walking or casual wear.

  • Outdoor pants SIERRA Lady

    New color
    Women's outdoor pants in a super comfortable and versatile cut with nice little fashionable details. Now from a new, nature-friendly recycled material. Very pleasant stretch material with a Quick Drying treatment. Ideal for hot summer days and all outdoor activities or just casual everyday wear. The lightweight and abrasion-resistant material ensures their long life. These pants are the best-selling Direct Alpine summer pants.

  • Pants IRIS Lady

    New color
    The basis of every ladie’s sports and leisure outfit are lightweight summer Iris Lady pants, which we have now innovated using ecological recycled material. The ultralight functional material, now provided in a recycled version, excels in flexibility and allows unrestricted movement. The quick-drying and non-iron materials will ensure that your Iris Lady will always be ready for your next adventure. The ideal solution for day trips, hiking, trekking and travel, but also for “casual Friday” in the office.

  • Pants IRIS 3/4 Lady

    New color
    Women’s leisure pants in capri length for sports and leisure activities on warmer days from spring to fall now made of ecological recycled material. The material is super light and flexible, allowing unrestricted movement. It will keep you feeling fine thanks to the breathability and soft touch. The stitching of the saddle of the rear part flatters the female shape, optically reduces the backside and conceals the pocket openings. They are great for day trips, hiking, climbing, trekking and travel, as well as dress-down day in the office.

  • Shorts IRIS SHORT Lady

    The Iris Lady Shorts are made of new recycled material are the perfect choice for warm summer and spring days. The material used is exceptionally light, flexible, and offers unrestricted movement. Quick-drying properties and non-iron materials ensure that your shorts are always ready for your next outing. The stitching of the yoke of the rear part flatters the female shape. We recommend them for running, hiking, climbing, trekking, and traveling.

  • Skirt ALBA Lady

    New color
    An attractive and elegant summer women’s skirt designed for the outdoors-inclined who seek functionality, originality, and at the same time an Earth-friendly product. Practical but feminine details complement the simple and smooth design of this skirt. The wide elastic waistband allows it to be worn over pants or leggings, thanks to which you can adjust the skirt on your body according to the selected activity - trekking, hiking, running, traveling, or the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  • Skirt KILLI Lady

    Sports skirt complete with lightweight shorts is designed for hot summer days. Thanks to the stretchy and comfortable shorts, it guarantees maximum comfort for the user in all outdoor activities from hiking, running, and cycling to in-line skating. The very pleasant, stretch synthetic, recycled material is quick-drying and doesn’t need ironing. The stretch yoke supported by rubber and woven fabric adapts to any body shape.

  • Shirt FURKA Lady

    Functional summer ultralight shirt in an attractive feminine design made of extremely comfortable, quick-drying material that will ensure high comfort even on mountain summer days. The perfectly fitting cut together with the modern design make this shirt a mainstay of your summer wardrobe. The shirt is ideal for active expeditions and travel, as well as for everyday wear around town and other leisure activities.

  • Pants ZION Lady

    Summer pants made of 100% linen fabric are an ideal choice for hot summer days. Linen is an amazing material that has a cooling effect, so you can use these pants for trips to outdoors, trekking, and casual everyday wear during the summer. The synthetic elastic material used in the waistband and the back yoke as well as the comfortable fit increase a wearing comfort.

  • Dress FLOWY Lady

    A women’s casual cotton dress for freedom of movement and lovely colour combinations. Large front pockets give the dress a youthful look that appeals to wearers across all ages. High-quality airy cotton knit with effective streaks predestines the dress for activities, hiking, and also casual wear. The double yoke and short sleeves will increase the user’s comfort when hiking with a backpack.

  • T-shirt YOGA FREE Lady

    Women’s T-shirt made of a soft light material off ers unrestricted movement during all your outdoor and indoor activities. A simple anatomical cut on a proven cotton knit with an impressive colour design is easily combined with other models in our collection. The double yoke and short sleeves increase comfort when hiking with a backpack.

  • T-shirt SONORA Lady

    Very soft and comfy T-shirt with a fashionable form-fit and attractive motif. Quality knit with a spandex blend. Great for both climbing and everyday wear.

  • Pants CIVETTA Lady

    Women's sports lightweight pants with anatomically shaped, technical cut. Light, functional material. Comfortable, yet precise cut with unrestricted movement is ideal for hiking in the mountains, via ferrata or even more strenuous trekking. However, you’ll want to pull them out for a wide range of activities, from cycling and hiking to winter cross-country skiing and running.