Václav Novotný


Production manager, originally from Jihlava

In D.A. I appreciate the team and work which I believe in

Hobbies: cross-country skiing, triathlon, mountains, cliffs

Performance most appreciated: I enjoy sport, but I don't yearn for performances. Otherwise, definitely a few ironman competitions I've done and a couple of winter mountain "trips".

Favourite area: Drátník, Mt. Aspiring (New Zealand), Chamonix

Favourite season: winter, spring, autumn, summer - in other words, cross-country skiing, bike, cliffs

I like reading: Nothing Venture, Nothing Win (Ed Hillary), The Plague (A. Camus)

He likes to listen to: Eva and Vašek

Ideal weekend sitting on a sofa and listening to Eva and Vašek

Most often wears: Guide, Summit

Drinks: English tea, crème de menthe, advocaat (preferably all together)

Wisdom in conclusion: Every defeat is good for later victory!