Repair service

You can always rely 100% on the quality of our products - production mainly in the Czech Republic, double quality control, careful testing of the products by our brand ambassadors.

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Nevertheless, after years of use, one or the other defect may appear. For example: a broken zip on the jacket, a trouser leg damaged by a crampon, a leaking membrane, damaged seams and so on. Or do you just want to shorten / lengthen a pair of trousers? We can take care of that too!

Our skilled seamstresses will repair (almost) anything! 

We offer this service during and after the warranty period for all our products.


  • Bring us the washed product or send it to us (Direct Alpine, Kateřinská 138, Liberec 460 02, Czech Republic) together with the completed form (which you will find below) so that our seamstresses do not have to go to great lengths to find out what the problem is.
  • Pack the completed form with the garment you send us, or if you cannot print or want to protect the forests, send us the completed form to the e-mail address: .
  • Don't forget to include your telephone number in the form so that we can contact you to agree on the procedure and cost of the repair. Let's say, for example, you have a hole in your trousers that needs to be mended - our seamstress will contact you to clarify whether you would like it to be repaired locally (cheaper procedure) or the whole area replaced.
  • Pack the garment carefully so that it is not damaged in transit.
  • The repair time is usually in the range of 6-8 weeks from the date of receipt of the garment. The repair time depends on the workload of the seamstresses, the season and the amount of repair required.


If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us on the phone number: +420 482 751 885 or via the e-mail address:

The prices are only indicative, before the repair (after the appraisal) we always contact the customer, give him the price and explain the procedure of the repair.

Procedure Labor Cost including VAT 21% Material Cost including VAT 21%
Jacket Central Zip Replacement 28 - 45 Eur zip 1 - 3 Eur
Jacket Central Zip Replacement with Lining 48 - 65 Eur zip 1 - 3 Eur
Membrane Jacket Central Zip Replacement - Gluing 66 - 89 Eur zip 4 - 5 Eur
Hood Zip Replacement 29 Eur zip 1 - 3 Eur
Pocket Zip Replacement - Depending on Type 14 - 57 Eur zip 1 - 3 Eur
Part Replacement - Depending on Type 47 - 73 Eur material 2 - 4 Eur
Patching - Depending on Size 14 - 33 Eur material 0,5 - 2 Eur
Pants Shortening - Depending on Type* 14 - 94 Eur  
Pants Lengthening - Depending on Type** 23 - 105 Eur material 2 - 4 Eur

*Shortening Deamon pants by a maximum of 7 cm.
**Lengthening Midi, Deamon pants, Cyclone pants, and their lady versions cannot be extended.