GREEN - Follow the right green way


For DIRECT ALPINE the terms ecology and permanently sustainable development are not empty phrases. We are not hypocrites. We have never gone the path of hollow ‘green marketing’. We’ve never waved a green flag, certificates or appealing slogans at you. We live in the countryside, we love nature, and we do our work accordingly. DIRECT ALPINE’s consideration towards nature is at the heart of our work. An overwhelming part of our development and production system is located in developed countries with the highest environmental standards in the world – in the countries of Europe, in Japan, South Korea and in the USA

Don’t let yourself be fooled by cheap tricks used by nameless or even brand name products. Many of these producers manufacture goods on the other side of the planet, in countries with absolutely no sensitivity towards the either the environment or their citizens, somewhere where it’s possible to flood hundreds of kilometers of valley on command, where whole towns are forcibly resettled, and where factories, recklessly and unchecked, release dye residues and other chemicals into the rivers. The goods are then transported halfway across the globe. And despite all this they then go on sale with a green certificate or declaration from some European office…This, unfortunately common practice, which we see around us, is indeed far from ecological behavior, however ecological it may present itself.

Minimum impact on the natural environment

The crux of permanently sustainable development is minimum impact on the natural environment, the smallest ecological footprint and a respectful and fair relationship with nature. We hope you will take the same kind of consideration when shopping. As far as possible you should orientate towards clothes which come from countries with high environmental standards, and towards goods from the Europe, where care of the environment and employees is a matter of course and is comprehensible, clearly defined and easily verifiable.


We want to clearly demonstrate to you that our products fulfill these criteria. Specifically:


  • The development and production of products is carried out in countries with the highest ecological standards. These have a high standard of living and, of course, legislation. In practice, this means that during production or dying of material, all waste is ecologically disposed of, waste- water is cleaned before being released from the factory. We produce the overwhelming majority of garments in our collections in European countries. We thus minimize the ecological footprint associated with transporting goods long distances. On specific product we furthermore indicate their final production from recycled materials or the possibility of further easy recycling.
  • Furthermore, we tailor garments from materials which come from developed world countries with the highest environmental standards, such as Japan, South Korea or the USA. Here too it is natural for all kinds of waste to be disposed of ecologically, so that no harmful substances put a strain on nature and the living environment of the inhabitants of these countries. We put an enormous amount of effort into finding alternative materials which have an even lower impact on the environment (reducing density while retaining useful properties, recycled materials, organically-grown cotton,…). Our own production of clothing is then always carried out in some other European countries or most often right here in the Czech or Slovak Republics, naturally in accordance with our own legal environmental and social standards, which are some of the highest in the world.
  • In all other kinds of production, we demand from our suppliers, documents showing that our demands are fulfilled, not just with regard to protecting the environment but also the in the social aspects. 



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