In the world of outdoor clothing, DIRECT ALPINE is a leading brand. This comes naturally to us and our amazing team of motivated young people who are led by the experienced designer Radek Nováček. Even at a glance, it’s obvious that these designers are no strangers to the outdoors: For them this isn’t just a job – they work with real enthusiasm and passion for the cause.  



Simply put, our Development Team lives and breathes the outdoors, whether it’s climbing or hiking, paragliding or biking, or any other outdoor activity. We’d like to share with you our clothing line that embraces comfort and functionality and which we have developed for outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves. Thus, as outdoor enthusiasts, we bring to the table new ideas, solutions, innovations, and inspiration for new features. We bring our own personal experiences to the creation process; each of us genuinely strives to achieve the best design for the perfect fit in which every feature comes together to create a unified whole.




For us, it’s only natural to develop each and every feature of our jackets, trousers, or pullovers with enthusiasm. We discuss every stitch, every centimeter of seam, and each type of thread that we’ll use. We debate the exact type and position of every zipper, loop, and drawcord, so that they are completely accessible even with a rucksack, a harness, or when cycling. We ruminate over the elasticity of different materials and whether to use them horizontally or vertically, so that every panel of material comes together for a perfect fit. We contemplate and test the best types of material: adequate breathability where it’s needed or, in other cases, water-resistance for maximum protection. We consider elasticity, the positioning of individual panels in relation to the overall cut of the garment, and the way each material hangs, as well as how it feels on the body.



We ourselves - along with members of our Test Teamwear the clothes and put them to the test in order to better combine materials and to add features for optimal functionality of the overall garment. We immediately take every prototype to the outdoors – to test on rocks, in the mountains. We love trying out our garment ideas in the outdoors: whether it’s on a beautiful spring day, or in autumn rain and sleet, or in the snow. It is then that we instantly see the results of our work and are able to determine what still needs to be improved on or finalized. Even as we return home, we consider what else could be improved: we imagine a drawcord on the side, moving a zipper a little this way or that, or including a different seam for better shoulder movement. In short, we are constantly developing new ideas. 

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There’s nothing better than one’s own developmental process and creative innovation. An experienced team who is passionate about their cause is irreplaceable. Only enthusiasts are capable of developing products with such energy and determination and, in turn, they are able to push themselves and their work to the limits. This is what distinguishes DIRECT ALPINE from other brands: In this we are, and always will be, better than the rest. We will always place an emphasis on every detail; we will insist on testing our products; and we will invest the utmost energy and established know-how into the developmental process. Thanks to the guidance of our Test Team, customers, and business partners, we are able to implement new ideas every day. In short, we strive to develop the best and most-carefully-thought-out outdoor clothing for you.

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This is why we are always pleased to cross paths with you in the mountains, on bikes, or anywhere in the great outdoors. Well, you know, we look at each other knowingly and think, “Does he like his Patrols as much as I do? Does he only have one pair or two like me? Or does he have Mountainers too? And over there, a guy in Badile Lady...Yeah, I should get some too, what a good choice.” When we meet like that, it’s like meeting another member of the big DIRECT ALPINE family. So when we pass and greet each other with a resounding “Hi” and continue on our way, know that your clothing needs and wishes are being looked after.