Ondra Neuman

Tatry  Jizerky Kouhoutak  Jizerky Kohouták  Tatry  Jizerske hory

Born in Liberec, he spends his working time in the shop.

He appreciates cooperation with similar people in D.A. Work with products which I can back up. Fairness in the team and amongst our partners. Sunny spring lunches in Kateřinky at a camp fire.

Hobbies: Climbing, cycling, chopping wood.

Performance most appreciated: Probably one long bike trip, it lasted almost a year, from the Czech Republic to Morocco and back. But not for the distance as such, more for the discovery, adventure. Two wide-eyed boys straight out of school simply took their bikes, they had a year of time, and they went south towards the sun so that they would have something to remember as pensioners: )

Favourite area: Jizera mountains, Tisá, Tatra mountains.

Favourite season: Spring, because it is beautifully green. Autumn, because it is beautifully colourful and wet.

He likes reading: Poláček, Hemingway. Saturnin, School of the Small Tree. Seton – Two Little Savages. J.Giono – The Man who Planted Trees.

He likes to listen to: everything apart from brass band music, from Led Zeppelin, Nohavice, Gott and Rotrová, to Nightwisch, Bach and Händel.

Ideal weekend A sunny May weekend up in the Jizera mountains, with good friends in classic valleys. A couple of meters below me a backup, a real good friend. Bottles of beer cooling deep in a cleft. Coming back by train, with a refreshing stop off at Bártlovka.

Most often wears: Before I started at Direct, l loved BADILE… …but now I a slightly greater preference for CRUISE in the summer and CASCADE in the autumn. A tricky dilemma.

Then… TONALE, all year round. TRANGO all the time. I don't go anywhere without BELAY stuffed in my bag somewhere. SUMMIT and CERRO TORRE, jackets which, unfortunately, customers don't understand fully, without a membrane, breathe really well, can be used for nearly anything, I won't hear a word against them.

Drinks: Rohozec Skalák 12° beer, Konrád 12° beer, Weizenbier Franziskaner, Kofola. Tea – proper loose tea.

Wisdom in conclusion: Kipling: "If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up." My primary school teacher wrote this under a comment she made in my report booklet. I'm not like Pawlowská, and that is actually the only quote I remember - for one thing, it's short, and secondly it runs through everything. I think it might mean something like…don't just talk and dream about it, do it.