Nils Schützenberger

since 1965* Living in Munich, 3 daughters (1987, 1994, 2003)

1977 Start Climbing

Since 1982 400 extreme Alpine Climbs about 7c, Sportclimbs about 8a (currently), Bouldering about Fb 7c

(currently), most Climbs On Sight (~90 %), First Ascents about 7c/alpine: 7b (currently)

2003 Alpine Trainer of the German Alpine Association (DAV)

Since 2004 Organisation of the Climbing Team of the two greatest DAV-Sections (300 youths in trainings)

2005 Trainer-C (competition) of the DAV

Since 2005 Main organizer of about 15 great climbing competitions in Munich (amateur+professional)

2006 Trainer-B (competition) of the DAV, national judge license for competition climbing

Since 2006 Construction of boulder- and toprope-facilities

2008 Member of the German Training Team (Lehrteam) for sportclimbing of the DAV

Training of Trainer-C and -B (competition), info: trainer-A doesn`t exist in Germany

2009 Member of the DAV-Organising-Team for the European Youth Series (EYS/Munich)

2010 Member of the DAV-Organising-Team for the Boulder World Cup (Munich)

My favorite climbing areas: Bleau, Mello, Tarn, Frankenjura, Eastern Alps

My Blog:

My second daughter Sarah (*1994) started at the Boulder World Cup in Munich 2010. She is mainly bouldering until Fb 7c +. Her Blog:

My third daughter Silja (*2003) started climbing in her second year of live J. Last summer she climbed until FB 6a+ in Mello.

Plans for 2011:

April: Bouldering in (Fontaine-) Bleau, I`m in good conditions – let`s see

June: Sportclimbing in Tarn (South of France) about 8a

July: First Ascent in Oberreintal (North Alps), 10 pitches, about 7c (?), 9 pitches have already been prepared and climbed by me and my partner 2010

August: Organisation Boulder World Cup Munich 2011

September: Bouldering in (Val di) Mello (Italy)

Winter: hard climbs in the Frankenjura (Germany)

All the time: Training of my daughters Sarah and Silja (and of many other climbers)