Highly comfortable and durable trousers. The proven hybrid construction combines a basic, pleasantly lightweight stretchy mixed material with reinforcements on the knees made of highly abrasion-resistant elastic Cordura. The perfect highly technical cut with a gusset fits perfectly and does not restrict movement during sports activities. The modern asymmetrical design of the trousers is adorned with functional details. Mordor trousers are an excellent choice for all active outdoor enthusiasts looking for a balanced combination of comfort and durability

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Code 20S007609.011
Weight 305 g
Material Main: 52 % Cotton + 37 % Polyamide (Nylon) + 11 % Polyurethane - Abrasion resistant fabric, Reinforcement: 93 % Polyamide (Cordura®) + 7 % Polyurethane Reinforcement: 93 % Polyamide (Cordura®) + 7 % Polyurethane AK4


  • Waist with loops for Direct Alpine belt.
  • Inner waistband printed with decorative Direct Alpine logo.
  • Two front pleated pockets.
  • One closable thigh pocket.
  • One rear patch pocket.
  • Anatomically shaped knees and details from Cordura for extended user life.
  • Loose leg endings