Jiří Slavík (Prcas)

Prcas_M_120.jpgAge: 50
Residence: Nový Bor (Czech republic)
Favourite district: "Labak" (CZ)
Further hobbies and interests beyond climbing: paragliding, snowboarding, MTB
Favourite music: bigbeat, bluegrass

He started when he was 13 years old (at 1970). Since he had more then 400 first time climbs on rocks and high mountains. He din´t have been yet in South America and Australia.

He co-operate with Jaroslav Maršík on book about climbing in Saxony 

Prcas spek_M_160.jpg

Reported Achievements:

Sandstone: Skleněný fotbal, IXc (XIa), Žleb (CZ)
Limestone: 8a, Elchoro, Spain
Alps: Petit Dru – N pillar, direct line; Les l’Droites – N wand direct line