Trendy outdoor clothing for Summer 2024 in Sustainable, Fast & Light Style.


Nowadays, when the world faces countless challenges connected with the environment, sustainability has become not just a modern byword but a real necessity. This trend also applies to the world of outdoor clothing which must be not only stylish and functional but also kind to the environment. It’s on just such a basis that we’ve founded our Summer 2024 collection whose slogan is Sustainable, Fast & Light Style.

The products in this collection are not only sufficiently robust to withstand the highest demands during outdoor activities but are also very light so as not to hold you back unnecessarily. And all this with due consideration for the environment.

As lovers of nature and outdoor adventure, we realize more and more that our every step and every choice has an impact on the world around us. And choice of clothing can be just one of those key decisions which can contribute positively to protecting nature.

The Philosophy Behind our Summer 2024 Collection

The foundational pillars of our Summer 2024 are sustainability and Fast & Light style.

By sustainability we mean using recyclable materials, which reduces consumption of new materials while still offering high durability and functionality.  (Men’s outdoor jacket, ZERO).

Also presented here are products which can easily be recycled after the end of their user life. (HORN men’s functional T-shirt). In this way we try to close the loop and minimize waste.

 Fast & Light style means designs which are comfortable, functional and provide sufficient freedom of movement. An important property of these is breathability and ventilation options by which to overcome overheating of the body. Typical items from this category include, for example, our outdoor, our waterproof Cyclone Pants for men and women, the Element men’s sports vest and the Element Lady sports vest


What Chief Designer Luděk Hostan says about the Summer 2024 Collection

“One of the key moments in the development of this collection was its testing under real conditions. Every prototype had to undergo uncompromising testing by our internal and external ‘ambassadors’. Together with them we sought the best solution to suit everyone- from professional sportsmen and sportswomen to weekend hikers.

 Each collection is more than just work for us. It’s a story of how our passion for nature, sport and innovation can change the way in which we perceive clothing. It’s an invitation for you to share with us the joy of movement in the countryside with the awareness that you’re wearing clothes which will never let you down and which, in addition, are considerate to nature.

The Concept Behind the Collection’s Style


Among the principal products in the new collection is the ZERO wind-resistant outdoor jacket made from recycled PAD which fulfills all the requirements of lightness, functionality and recyclability.

Another member of this ecological family is the Horn functional T-shirt.  Not only is it made from 100 % recyclable PES obtained from the recycling of polyester waste but also, thanks to the Nil Circular Systém, it’s 100% recyclable! In addition, the manufacturing process produces up to 38 % less CO2 emissions and uses 50 % less water compared to the production of classic PES. The T-shirt is treated with an antibacterial substance which ensures long-lasting freshness and prevents unpleasant body odor.

The waterproof Cyclone Pants Lady combine comfort, durability, functionality and packability. They are made from a material which is not only resistant to inclement weather, but which also provides flexibility and comfort. Once packed, they take up a minimum amount of room in your backpack, which for outdoor trips is priceless.

The Element Lady sports vest is designed for the active woman who seeks functionality and style. Its main advantages are packability and universal use for hiking, running, climbing or cycling.

The Color Scheme of the Summer 2024 Collection

At first sight, the thing that strikes you about the Summer 2024 collection is its color scheme. While the previous collections relied on striking tones in shades of mango or emerald, the new collection goes a step further. It draws inspiration from the colors of earth and nature, from fresh green, light green khaki to a pleasant navy blue. (Dru light, Fremont Shorts, Cyclone, Element). In the women’s collection we find the colors of exotic orchids such as, for example, a shade of orchid in combination with navy blue. (Element Lady, Cyclone Lady and Brenta Lady). These colors are not chosen at random. Each of them presents a story of sustainability and protection of our planet.

How to Choose the Right Clothing

Whether you’re preparing to go mountain hiking or mountain biking, or setting out on via ferrati, the right choice of clothing can heavily influence your experience. When choosing, it is important to think not only of comfort and functionality but also how individual garments work together to give the maximum benefit. 

The first layer that you put on should be made from a material which wicks away sweat from your body (Horn).

The second layer should have excellent insulating properties. This layer will keep you warm under cold mountain conditions (Dragon, Aura light lady, Hoodie, Hoodie tech lady).

The top layer should be your shield against wind and rain. It’s an invisible cloak which will keep you dry but won’t limit movement. An excellent choice for this is one of our waterproof but breathable jackets, Guide or Talung, or the very packable, light Cyclone jacket. (A summer reserve jacket with under glued seams).


The Summer 2024 collection should remind all lovers of the outdoors how important it is to live in harmony with nature and to protect its beauty for future generations. Each piece of clothing carries within it a story of innovation, of carefully chosen materials and of ways to minimize our ecological footprint.  We are reminded that every one of us can contribute to protecting the planet, and part of that is simply choosing the right clothing.