The majority of DIRECT ALPINE clothing is manufactured in several local sewing workshops. Each of these workshops specializes in particular kinds of garments and, therefore, employs specially-trained tailors. 

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These workshops are also responsible for providing a complete warranty and post-warranty service for all DIRECT ALPINE outdoor clothing brands. Thanks to this double-checking of the quality of items before they leave the workshop as well as prior to leaving the dispatching stock, we can ensure maximum quality of all DIRECT ALPINE products. Demands for repairs or complaints are thus quite rare and therefore can be dealt with quickly and to the customer’s full satisfaction.

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Production is in the Czech Republic and in the vicinity of our headquarters as well, which allows us to react promptly to customers’ requirements, e.g., missing seam or sold-out garments. Overall, we are able provide quick and quality service not only to company clients but to our normal customers as well. All outdoor fans and enthusiasts and users of our products value the quality and speed of the services that we provide for all DIRECT ALPINE products. Even company clients, typically more demanding in their requests, come to us with additional requirements for company clothing, uniforms, clothes for benefits programs, or clothing used as VIP gifts.

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Due to a lack of effective market protections as well as an insufficient awareness of end customers, the Czech textile and fashion industry suffers from a long-term recession. The majority of modern textile technologies are being developed abroad, and therefore it is necessary to have part of our production located abroad as well. Our main partners are, exclusively, specialized, technology-oriented companies primarily from Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. These companies have their own top-level developmental processes and are equipped with the up-to-date machinery needed for, e.g., ultrasonic stitching, laser trimming, laminating, and welding – which is why they represent the best in the field.

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This background ensures high-quality production, speed, accuracy of processing, and, last but not least, an excellent workplace in terms of employee safety. Inspections are common as is ongoing quality control.

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By keeping the majority of DIRECT ALPINE production at home, we support the local region and its workforce. Also, it allows us to react flexibly to requirements of customers, business partners, and company clients. We guarantee a swift execution of every order and not only those for our outdoor clothes, but also special orders for uniforms, company clothing, clothes for benefits programs, or clothing used as VIP gifts. Our division located abroad, on the other hand, enables us to use the most modern of technologies and to offer our customers high-quality, European-standard clothing.