GREEN - Follow the right green way

Ecology and permanently sustainable development are not just empty phrases for DIRECTALPINE. We aren’t hypocrites. We have never gone down the empty “green marketing” route. We’ve never waved green flags, certificates or pretty labels in your face. We live within nature, we love it, and we also do our work based on this. Consideration for nature is at the very core of DIRECTALPINE’s work. The vast majority of development and production systems are located in developed countries with the world’s highest environmental standards, in the countries of the European Union, Japan, South Korea and the USA.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap tricks of unknown manufacturers or famous labels. Many of them manufacture goods on the other side of the planet, in countries without a sensitive approach to the environment or the inhabitants, somewhere where it is possible to flood hundreds of kilometres of valley upon demand, where entire towns are forcibly relocated, and where factories discharged dye residues and other chemicals into rivers and the air with no regard for nature and no controls. And then they also ship the goods halfway around the world. But in spite of this they hide behind some kind of green certificate or declaration of a European headquarters when they sell their goods. Unfortunately this is the common practice which we see all around us, and it's very far removed from ecological behaviour, even though it may appear ecological.

The essence of permanently sustainable development is minimum environmental impact, the most sparing ecological footprint, and a decent and fair approach to nature. Please keep this in mind when you are shopping. Focus to the greatest possible extent on clothing from countries with high environmental standards, manufactured in the EU, where care for the environment and employees is a matter of course and where it is comprehensible for you, precisely defined and easy to check.

We want to show you clearly that our products meet these criteria. How specifically:


We designate DIRECTALPINE highly ecofriendly products as “NATURE TOP FRIENDLY”. Development and production of these products is implemented wholly in countries with maximum ecological standards. These are given by the high living standard and naturally by legislation. In practice it means that during the production or dyeing of fabrics all waste is ecologically liquidated and waste water is treated when it comes out of the factory. Nature Top Friendly clothing is manufactured exclusively in European countries from materials that also come from Europe. This minimises the ecological footprint caused by shipping goods over long distances. Everything is done within European countries. If products are manufactured from recycled material or can be recycled easily, we also mark this on specific products.


We designate DIRECTALPINE ecofriendly products as “NATURE FRIENDLY”. We assemble these products from materials coming from developed countries with maximum environmental standards, such as Japan, South Korea or the USA. Naturally in these countries all waste is liquidated ecologically, so no harmful substances pollute nature and the environment of these countries’ inhabitants. The actual production of clothing is always performed in one of the countries of Europe, most often directly in the Czech or Slovak republics, whilst of course adhering to all our statutory environmental and social standards, which are amongst the highest in the world.

For all other production we require documents from their suppliers concerning the meeting of our demands from the aspect of environmental protection and social aspects.

We love nature, we think about it, and our behaviour is based on this. Please do the same and let’s follow the right green way together.