Very comfortable, well-designed year-round trousers for the widest range of outdoor activities. Completely universal trousers, can be used very well for trekking, mountain climbing, climbing, hiking, cycling or everyday wear. They have long been a popular model, in particular because of the great and effective combination of functional materials and very well designed comfortable cut. Thanks to the combed bottom (inside) side of the basic parts ideal for whole year. Anatomically exact cut for unlimited mobility. Used fabrics with high elasticity and resistance. Hybrid combination of materials with fast-dry (vapour transportation) and thermo-insulating adjustment (maintaining body temperature).

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Code 55721.35
Colour black/rose
Weight 400 g (M)
Material A - Base, knees and back: 23 % Cordura® (PAD) + 45 % PAD + 23 % PES + 9 % PUR B - Cordura® WBL system - 46 % Cordura® (PAD) + 32 % Tactel® (PES) + 14 % Lycra® (PUR) + 8 % Coolmax® (PES), DWR (PFOA free, ECO Friendly) C - functional fabric 86 % PAD + 14 % PUR (235 g/m2) D - Knee, ankle support: 59 % Nylon (PAD) + 33 % PES + 8 %
Cut lady (REGULAR FIT)


  • Comfortable waist, belt adjustment.
  • Two front and one side pocket (accessible even when wearing harness).
  • Fly with two-way zip.
  • The basic mixed textile Cordura completed on the inside with combed polyester (warm and moisture absorbent).
  • Accessory materials – thin Cordura and elastic combed knitwear.
  • Elastic seam technology.
  • Safety reflexive accessories and strips.
  • Abrasion-resistant material on knees and bottom rims.
  • Trousers with bottom edge regulation, covered side zipper and elastic wedge forcomfortable pulling over trekking boots.
  • Bottom rim adjustment, side zip and elastic gusset. Hook for fastening to boots.
  • Collection Winter 2018/19
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Ecofriendly product - NATURE TOP FRIENDLY more


CASCADE PLUS LADY are the answer to the prayers of all outdoor-loving women and girls who, until now, could only envy their male friends and partners who use this model. Men's CASCADEs are our best all-year-round pants. Now we've used this concept to create a ladies' version. They're adapted for use in mountain sports, in particular for the demands of high mountain trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing, as well as being suitable for alpine skiing. The ideal functionality of these ladies CASCADEs is achieved through a selected combination of three high-stretch materials, one of which, the base material, is very wind resistant knitwear. This has a brushed finish on the inner side which forms the basic insulation layer in the places just where you need it most (knees, bottom) to protect you from the cold. This is complimented by light Cordura, a very wear-resistant material with a very soft and pleasant feel. This is used on the hips and waist, where you need better durability and sweat reduction. The third material used is a high-stretch “swimknit” with an upward brushed finish which is not only pleasant against the skin but also has increased thermal properties to protect you from the cold. This “swimknit” is very stretchable making these pants very flexible just in the places where it's needed. You'll appreciate the comfort they give! The additional wear-resistant material around the knees, inside leg and cuff gives these pants significantly higher durability as well as a very interesting appearance. This material too is elastic and in no way restricts your movement. These materials are treated with a repellant to give resistance against water, light showers or dirt. The high-density knit provides a sufficient barrier against wind while at the same time giving high breathability and drawing the sweat away from your body. The cut is very well adapted to the female figure, is comfortable and gives perfect freedom of movement. Just as with the popular “Badile”pants, it could be said of these women's CASCADE pants that they are like a “second skin”.

Now ladies, you too can add these wonderful pants to your wardrobe. Ideal for all activities in the mountains, even in the most demanding conditions and coldest weather. Whether you're just on a weekend trip to the Catskills or on an expedition to Nepal, you'll love the comfort of CASCADE PLUS LADY. And when your favorite mountain season comes along – winter – you'll pull on these pants and head off onto the ice. And if the weather is not completely awful you can go trekking in comfort in your “Cascades”or for alpine ski training. Back home, anytime you open your closet and see these pants, you'll remember those times in the mountains and how they kept you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Radek Nováček