Radek Lienerth

  • 641born 27 April 1978
  • Mountain guide, climbing and Alpine touring instructor, licensed to provide fitness instruction in the field of mountaineering
  • 2004 - 2006 educated at the Czech Mountain Guide Association according to UIAGM standards
  • UIAGM mountain guide, certified 11 July 2006 in Chamonix
  • External trainer of mountaineering and Alpine touring for the Faculty of Sports Studies at Masaryk University in Brno, referee of instructor training for school climbing on the artificial climbing wall for the Faculty of Sports Studies at MU Brno
  • from 1996 to 2004 a member of the Alpine touring team of the Czech Mountaineering Union
  • since 1999 one of the primary organisers of the mountain school H.O. Lokomotiva Brno, since 2008 chairman of H.O. Lokomotiva Brno
  • from 2003 do 2009 member and lecturer at the methodology committee of the Czech Mountaineering Union
  • since 2010 head of the subcommittee of racing in ice climbing and drytooling of the competitive climbing committee of the Czech Mountaineering Union
  • since 2008 and 2011 the father of two frisky boys and a responsible family provider, all things considered
  • despite all my activity, family, and work commitments I am still pursuing my own skiing and Alpine touring ambitions

Summary of selected ascents

  • 2011 total guided and trained approx. 130 days in mountaineering and Alpine touring terrain, guided e.g. Arete Diable on Mont Blanc du Tacul, Gervasutti Couloir on the Tour Ronde II/3+ and rock ascents in the area of Chamonix Mont Blanc up to 7a+ (Gendarme Rouge de Peigne – Postcriptome OS). From my own climbing activities, for example, the first ascent of French Kiss 7- on Opálová vež in the Tatras or solo climbing combination Bronzový pilíř 6 in the SE face of the Lomnický štít and Arnold's routes in the W face of Lomnický štít
  • 2010 guided over twenty challenging ice tours - Hintere Maralfall WI IV/5, Mordor WI, successfully completed Haute route, a series of ascents in the Mont Blanc - Aig. Du Midi North Face -Mallory, Tour Ronde North Face, Aig du Midi South Face - Contamine 6c+ OS, Red Pillar Blatiere - Charles Eternue 6c+OS.
  • 2009 guided ice ascents - Maltatal (Kathedrale E4/5, Wintasun E3/4+, Superfeucht E3/5, Gamseck E3/4+), ice in the area of Erlaufboden. Alpine touring and summits in the area of the High Tatras and High Tauern. Guided and climbing tours in Chamonix - Mont Maudit (Arete Kufner D+/IV/75°), Aig. du Midi (Piler Frendo D+/5c+/75°), Aig. du Peigne (Le Ticket 7+ OS, Rebufat 7+ RP), Point Lachenal (Contamine 7+ OS), Grand Capucin (Direttisima 8- AF), Triangle du Tacul (Chere III/4 OS free solo, Mazaud II/3 OS), Three Point Pillar (JV stěna VII+/A1), Aig de Rochefort (Arete Rochefort), Dent du Geant (classic route).
  • 2008 rock climbing up to 8a French classification, climbing on sandstone up to Xa, summer mountain ascents in the High Tatras – first ascent of "Smrť vegetariánom" 6+ on Jastrabí vež, attempt at free climbing of the Superdirettisimo Malý Kežmarský štít, combination of paths - Pochylý 8 RP (Velký Kežmarský štít), Fork Ridge, and Pšeničnikov 7 OS (Lomnický štít). As part of guide activities trained and guided approximately 120 days on Alpine touring and mountaineering tours in the rocky regions of the Czech Republic, High Tatras and the Alps

Older ascents and activities

  • 2007 Cima Grande di Lavaredo - Comici 7 OS, Hasse Brandler 8-/A1,
  • 2002 Tengi Ragi Tau south 6.180 m – first ascent “Like a Dhal Bhat“ ED/7-/75°, Petit Dru - American Direct 7a OS
  • 2001 Kongde ri Nup 6.035 m first ascent NE pillar “Cheap wine“ ABO/A2/80° , ascent of the year 2001 Petit Dru - Pasage cardiac ABO-/7a+/A2 one-day summit
  • 2000 Kongde ri Lho 6.192 m – first ascent of the NW pillar TD/5/75°, Bergell - Val Qualido, first ascent of Time to leave 9- PP
  • In 1998, 1999 participant in two Himalayan expeditions, in 2000,2001,2002, 2003 and 2007 guide on five Himalayan expeditions.
  • Total of approx. 300 ascents and Alpine tours in the High Tatras