Michal Tichý

I feel like a native of Liberec even though I originally came from Ústí nad Labem.

At D.A. I appreciate the creative work and great team of colleagues.

Hobbies: climbing, cycling, cross-country skiing, ski-alpinism, water and, mainly, family

Performance most appreciated: as a graduate "athlete", I don't yearn for performances any more, I prefer to enjoy it

Favourite area: Tisá, Ostrov and around Lago di Garde

Favourite season: I can find something beautiful in each one of them

I like reading: anything that doesn't remind me of a catalogue

He likes to listen to: most often rock

Ideal weekend with my family, and it doesn't matter where

Most often wears: VERDON trousers, for travelling CRUISE and BORNEO trousers, when it's raining the jacket DEVIL ALPINE, and for ski alpinism the jacket SUMMIT and trousers CASCADE

Drinks: Svijany 11° beer

Wisdom in conclusion: when I get to the end, maybe I'll figure something out, but for the time being I enjoy every day as best I can