Commissional production, corporate clothing, uniforms, unified clothing, employee benefits, gifts for VIP clients

Following your requirements we will arrange for commissional production or provide ready-made clothing exactly according to your specifications (logo, print, embroidery).

Our long time experience with successful realization of many different types of commissions brings our satisfied customers back to us. Beside, of course, top quality outdoor sport clothing DIRECTALPINE you will welcome perfect quick service, friendly treatment, personal approach and flawless realization of your orders, even of your highly specified requirements. We do everything to satisfy our customers. Our customer is, for us, always the first!

Benefits, employee clothing, corporate clothing, uniforms

    • clothing you provide as a part of your employee benefit programs
    • gifts for your employees for special occasions (Christmas, company anniversary, special projects, …)
    • unified clothing for employees, usually jackets, vests, trousers
    • top-quality work clothing – you will be surprised by reasonable price and by utility value/price rate – for example, you won’t have to buy quality and fashionable work trousers every year, our ones will last for several
    • with every order we provide the logo imprint or embroidment following exactly your graphic specification



Clothing for your customers, VIP clients

  • Do you want to show your sympathy to your special customers, people allied with your company, VIP people …? Than quality clothing is certainly very good choice! Your customers will experience a long time usability of and satisfaction with the DIRECTALPINE products. It is not only the outdoor clothing, our collection include several universal comfortable shapes designed for everyday use and made from materials ensuring user’s maximal comfort.
  • Your logo on a jacket or a vest will always remind your customer of the one who gave it to them, for whom they are so important and who values them so high



Clothing for professionals

  • Our satisfied customer have for a long time been different professional organizations especially from among the rescue services (ambulance service, air rescue service, mountain rescue) in the Czech republic, Slovakia and especially abroad.
  • The volunteers from the Czech and Slovak Mountain Rescue Service, Mountain Rescue Service of Tanap, German Bergwacht, Austrian Bergrettung, Scoutrescue
  • We equip professional mountain guides of UIAGM, and of several other prestigious organizations of professional mountain guides (AIGMB, GIC).


Please contact us any time with your request, we can deal with most of your requirements in no time and to your full satisfaction.

We look forward to cooperation with you!

For the DIRECTALPINE team O. Neuman (e-mail), M. Munzar (e-mail),
Phone: +420 482 751 884, link 23